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Jiminy Peak   - the largest ski and snowboard resort in southern New England
(413) 738-5500

Ski Sundown 
(860) 379-7669

West Mtn  - 

Mount Southington  -

(860) 628-0954

It’s time to turn off your computer and get out there and ski.

Mount Snow - (802) 464-1100

Bolton Valley - .
(802) 434-3444

Pico -

Magic Mtn - 
(802) 824-5645 

Metroland Ski Club

Ski Butternut has a great standing anytime offer for our members. Tickets are $25 off anytime you ski or ride there. Just present your Metroland Ski Club membership card and you'll get the discount. A non holiday mid week lift ticket is only $20. Most weekends and holidays are $40. Click this link for all the details -

Windham -  Peak Express Card


Below find a portion of 2019 - 2020's Appreciation & Awareness Day list. The complete list is in the “Welcome Member 101.2” email.

Fri Jan 31 Killington 55
Sat Feb 1 Killington 65
Sun Feb 2 Killington 65
Mon Feb 3 Killington 55
Fri Jan 31 Pico 40
Sat Feb 1 Pico 45
Sun Feb 2 Pico 45
Mon Feb 3 Pico 40
Fri Jan 31 Wildcat 37
Sat Feb 1 Wildcat 47
Sun Feb 2 Wildcat 37
Mon Feb 3 Wildcat 37
Sat Feb 1 Jack Frost BB 43
Sun Feb 2 Jack Frost BB 43
Sun Feb 2 Hunter 50
Mon Feb 3 Hunter 45
Sun Feb 2 Liberty 54
Mon Feb 3 Liberty 47
Sun Feb 2 Roundtop 51
Mon Feb 3 Roundtop 43
Sun Feb 2 Whitetail 55
Mon Feb 3 Whitetail 48
Mon Feb 3 Gore 42
Mon Feb 3 Okemo *CSC 86
Mon Feb 3 Whiteface 44
Mon Feb 3 Loon 61
Tue Feb 4 Loon 61
Tue Feb 4 Jiminy Peak 42
Wed Feb 5 Jiminy Peak 42
Thu Feb 6 Bromley 42
Wed Feb 5 Maple 15
Thu Feb 6 Maple 15
Fri Feb 7 Maple 15
Thu Feb 6 Belleayre 38
Fri Feb 7 Belleayre 38
Fri Feb 7 Magic 42
Sat Feb 8 Magic 42
Fri Feb 7 Jack Frost BB 43
Sat Feb 8 Jack Frost BB 43
Sun Feb 9 Jack Frost BB 43
Fri Feb 7 Mt Snow 45
Sat Feb 8 Mt Snow 56
Sun Feb 9 Mt Snow 56
Sat Feb 8 Waterville 45
Sun Feb 9 Waterville 45
Sun Feb 9 Plattekill 34
Sun Feb 9 Bromley 42
Mon Feb 10 Bromley 42
Sun Feb 9 Jay 61
Mon Feb 10 Jay 51
Tue Feb 11 Jiminy Peak 42
Wed Feb 12  Jiminy Peak 42
Wed Feb 12  Maple 15
Thu Feb 13 Maple 15
Fri Feb 14 Maple 15
Thu Feb 13 Waterville 40
Fri Feb 14 Waterville 40
Sat Feb 15 Waterville 47
Sun Feb 16 Waterville 47
Mon Feb 17 Waterville 47
Tue Feb 18 Mt Snow 45
Wed Feb 19 Mt Snow 45
Thu Feb 20 Mt Snow 45
Fri Feb 21 Mt Snow 45
Wed Feb 19 Oak 30
Fri Feb 21 Jack Frost BB 43
Sat Feb 22 Jack Frost BB 43
Sun Feb 23 Jack Frost BB 43
Sat Feb 22 Bromley 42
Sun Feb 23 Gore 42
Sun Feb 23 Stratton 53
Mon Feb 24 Stratton 53
Wed Feb 26 Maple 15
Thu Feb 27 Maple 15
Fri Feb 28 Maple 15
Tue Feb 25 Jiminy Peak 42
Wed Feb 26 Jiminy Peak 42
Thu Feb 27 Bromley 42
Fri Feb 28 Jack Frost BB 43
Sat Feb 29 Jack Frost BB 43
Sun Mar 1 Jack Frost BB 43
Mon Mar 2 Jack Frost BB 43
Fri Feb 28 Waterville TBA
Sat Feb 29 Waterville TBA
Sun Mar 1 Waterville TBA
Sun Mar 1 Oak 30
Sun Mar 1 Hunter 50


National Ski Council

Butternut - Metroland Club rate is $25 mid-week 
(413) 528-2000

Butternut rate for Metroland members

Below is a portion of this seasons Council Awareness & Appreciation Day list. These are some of the least expensive days to get out to ski & ride. All you have to do is show your Metroland Ski Club card

at the lift ticket window to get the

negotiated price. With membership you don't have to spend any money until you get to the mountain. How great is that !

Maple ​-



Killington -

(802) 422 - 3333

Hunter Mtn - The Snowmaking Capital of The World


Plattekill - 
(607) 326-3500

Mohawk - 
(860) 672-6100

Catamount - 
(518) 325-3200

            Contact us at

Connecticut Ski Council - CSC

Deals and Discounts -  

               this club has the best deals  .

We make affordable ski opportunities happen.

Thunder Ridge - 
(845) 878-4100

Capital District Council

Bromley -

(802) 824- 5522

New Jersey Ski Council

Whiteface Lake Placid 


Met New York Ski Council

Gore - North Creek, New York

​(518) 251-2411

2021 Ski Season Newsletter #2                                                October 1, 2020

Hey Skiers & Riders,
 we hope all is well and you are enjoying the changes fall weather brings. Today’s refreshing air and tree color changes mean cooler weathers coming and Ski Season isn’t far behind. We have lots to look forward to. 


La Niña - Meteorologists are calling for a La Niña pattern this winter which always causes skiers, riders and snow plow operators to get all excited. Generally speaking, La Niña winters bring cooler temperatures and more precipitation to the northern U.S. and Canada. This trend broadly means we should expect big snows in areas like Jackson Hole, Banff and the Northeast. While big snows might not sound inviting now, we think having a ski trip to look forward to is one of life’s great pleasures. Don’t you?

Use the following link to join Metroland. Just take care of your dues and return the attached release to the address at the top of the form and you’ll be all set to go.  Join Metroland, your wallet will thank you. 

Some of Jackson Hole’s deepest winters have occurred during La Niña winters. With that said we just added more space on our Jackson Hole trip out of LaGuardia. The cost is $1325 pp including air, transportation, lodging, breakfast and lift tickets. We’ve got an optional trip to Grand Targhee lined up too. Join us Jan 30 – Feb 6 and if you have an IKON pass the cost is just $990 pp. 

Banff reports that La Niña historically brings Lake Louise, Sunshine and Norquay incredible snowfalls and favorable temperatures ensuring fantastic conditions for spring skiing. We have postponed our trip to Banff to 2022. Banff National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Further the snow and skiing are second to none. It’s Metroland’s most visited destination and rightfully so with lots to see and do on and off the slopes. We are in a good position to enjoy a less crowded and catered too experience this year. 

We have postponed our trip to Chamonix to 2022. Chamonix is an adventurers dream and bucket list destination. We are staying at the fabulous 4 star Folie Douce Hotel in superior rooms and it’s ski in ski out. The trip includes air, transportation, lodging, breakfast daily and 5 dinners. Chamonix is legendary. 

Skiers & Riders are a hardy bunch. We love the risk reward decisions we make with each and every turn. This winter will certainly present us with a new set of challenges. However by the time our season begins we will have been adapting for nearly a year. We hope you will consider our best laid plans. 

The season pass marketing teams are working overtime at IKON, EPIC and INDY at $199. EPIC pass holders are wondering if they’ll be able to ski this year as Vail’s implied, they’ll need advanced reservations to get on the hill. Meanwhile IKON has assured their pass holders they will be able to ski whenever they want with no reservations required. Isn’t flexibility one of the reasons to buy a season pass? 

 Metroland remains optimistic and will push ahead with our best laid plans ready to modify them if need be.                                                          

                                                  Newsletter - Metroland Wins !          February 1, 2020

Hey Skiers & Riders,

 Metroland swept the Metropolitan New York Council race at Pico this past Saturday. We took home 33 medals plus the Roland Palmedo trophy for 1st Place Team in the Main Events. We crushed it !

Congratulations to all our racers and supporters for such a great day!

Dave V awarded the Harry W. Voege Trophy for Fastest Giant Slalom Racer
Sally V awarded the Lillians Andlauder Trophy for 1st Place Elite Woman
Gina J awarded the Woman’s Ski Association Trophy 1st Place Woman
Rob D awarded the Gene Worthley Memorial Trophy 1st Place Super Elite Man
Dave V awarded the Matt Nuttlia Trophy 1st Place Elite Man
Carl S awarded the Erik Sand Trophy 1st Place Veteran Man
Jacob J awarded the Bernard Bauer Trophy 1st Place Boy Jr Event
Joanne M took home Gold in Giant Slalom Super Elite Woman
Don A took Bronze in Giant Slalom Elite Man
Jeff S took Bronze in Giant Slalom Veteran Man
Joanne M took home Gold in Slalom Super Elite Woman
John S took Bronze in Slalom Veteran Man
Chris J took Gold Intermediate Slalom Veteran Man
Chris J took Gold Intermediate Combined Times Veteran Man
Carsten S took Bronze in Combined Times Junior Girls 7-11
Jacob J took Gold in Combined Times Junior Boys 12-17